Fresh Canvas Day Spa & Salon in Surrey, BC for IPL Laser Hair Removal


IPL Laser Hair Removal in Surrey, BC

Fresh Canvas is the well-known spa in all over Surrey which always uses the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser technique for hail removal from all the parts of body in a relatively pain-free manner. It is the best technology to remove the hairs than others because with the use of it the hairs have not come for four to six weeks.  ....... read more

Waxing Spa in Surrey, BC

Everyone is using different types of techniques to remove the hairs from the body but waxing in Surrey is the most suitable and reliable method and with the use of waxing you would not need to do the shaving on your body on the daily basis. The hairs will not grow back for the weeks with applying the technique of waxing on all the parts of body.  ....... read more

Hand and Feet Care in Surrey, BC

In Surrey Fresh Canvas spa is the famous spa which uses the different sorts of methods for the hands and feet care and to make the hands and feet more soft and beautiful. If you desire to get your hands and feet clean then you should give them proper care. To make your hands and feet beautiful you can come on our spa.  ....... read more
Manicure and Pedicure in Surrey, BC
Manicure and pedicure methods make your hands, fingernails, toenails, feet beautiful and soft. At Fresh Canvas spa in Surrey you can take exclusive manicure and pedicure treatment with natural products and can give a different look to your fingernails and toenails. Manicure and pedicure involves shaping your nails, massaging and painting your nails.  ....... read more
Best Spa Packages in Surrey, BC
Fresh Canvas spa provides the best package in Surrey for all the treatments such as for waxing, manicure and pedicure, facial, body treatment, etc. at discounted price. At Fresh Canvas spa, our main motive is to provide the best treatment service to the customers.  ....... read more

Body Treatment Day Spa in Surrey, BC

Fresh canvas spa gives the body treatment to all the people who are lived in the Surrey. Mostly to those people who do heavy task in their daily life. With taking this treatment you will feel comfortable and relax. There are different kinds of body treatments from which can get any treatment according to your choice.  ....... read more

Facial Treatment in Surrey, BC

In these days, facial treatment has become a very common thing and everyone taking this treatment from different spas. In Surrey you can get diverse sorts of facial treatments according to your choice from Fresh Canvas. At our spa, facial treatment is available for both men and women at discounted price. For this treatment our charges are very low as compared to other spas.  ....... read more

Reflexology Treatment in Surrey, BC

Reflexology treatment in Surrey is the method of applying force to the feet and hands using specific finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion. It is also known as zone therapy and it is a full treatment which is done by applying pressure on the feet. Reflexologists separate the body into zones that run from toes to brain during diverse parts of the body.  ....... read more
Shellac Manicure in Surrey, BC
Shellac manicure in Surrey is believed the future of nail care. All the women love this because it is ongoing and doesn't wear off before it is due. You apply this manicure on your nails and you won't have to worry about your nails. Fresh Canvas always uses this shellac manicure technology to make the nails beautiful and soft for over two weeks.  ....... read more
Glycolic Peel Treatment in Surrey, BC
There are many kinds of treatments for men and women to undergo to get skin-rejuvenation. Several technologies are introduced and science has developed so many efficient and protected procedures for skin care and body care treatments. One of the most well-liked and most successful treatments for rejuvenation is glycolic peel treatment in Surrey. At Fresh canvas spa you can easily get this treatment at very low price.  ....... read more

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Surrey, BC

At Fresh Canvas spa we promise you that with the teeth whitening treatment in Surrey you better smile than ever before. Ahead of giving this treatment we will tell the whole information about this treatment that for which reason you should take this treatment. You necessitate understanding criteria that having whitish teeth and white teeth are two different things.  ....... read more

24 Karat Gold Facial in Surrey, BC

24 Karat Gold Facial in Surrey is said to be ten times more dehydrating than the skin's natural acids and claims to restore youth to the deepest layers of skin. Fresh Canvas uses 100% natural ingredients, and customers can anticipate healthy skin straight subsequent to treatment.  ....... read more

Eminence Organics Facial in Surrey, BC

To give an excellent look to your face fresh canvas spa provides eminence organics facial treatment to those people who lived in the Surrey. We use the organic skin care products in the facial treatment. This 30 minutes facial includes a deep pore cleanse, masque, moisturizer and mineral sun protection.  ....... read more
Deep Tissue Massage in Surrey, BC
Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue also known as connective tissue. It helps muscle tissue release and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly and helps removes the toxins rapidly from the body. In surrey, deep tissue massage treatment is given to both men and women at Fresh Canvas spa.  ....... read more
Couples Massage in Surrey, BC
Massage is the best treatment for every man and woman. With taking the treatment of massage the parts of your body will properly work. At Fresh Canvas you can easily take this treatment at very low price. It is not only suitable for exclusive person but massage is also the best for couples in Surrey.  ....... read more